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Athens, NY Deck Staining  and Sealing Contractor 

Kellogg's Painting is a professional deck staining and sealing contractor. We have been providing deck restoration and staining services in Athens, NY since 2007. Let our company take care of your deck for you, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. Kellogg's Painting employees are full time, safety trained, knowledgeable and skilled in wood care restoration, products and maintenance. Kellogg's Painting Company will strip, clean, PH balance and apply new stain to your Athens, NY deck for a long lasting look that you will be proud of. 

Once your Athens, NY deck is stained it should be properly cleaned at least once a year and re stained about every two years. This time frame for a maintenance coat depends on the type of stain and the elements, as sun "UV Rays" are the biggest culprit and break stain down fast. 

Types Of Deck Stain For Your Athens, NY Deck

Transparent Stains are the lightest pigmented. This type of stain is also called a wood toner or sealer. A transparent deck stain will offer the most natural look. 

Semi - Transparent deck stains are higher in pigment than a transparent stain and are generally richer in color than a transparent stain. 

 Solid "Opaque" wood Stain will mask or cover the wood similar to paint, but are thinner than paint in consistency, so they will penetrate into the wood.

The Kellogg's Painting Athens, NY Deck Staining Process

FACT: All exterior wood needs protection from the elements. Why? The damaging effects of the weather on exposed wood begins immediately and..... Read More

  • We evaluate your Athens, NY Deck for wood rot and to determine the best stain to be used
  • Deck surfaces are washed and stripped if any old finish is still on the deck. Our professional wood cleaner opens the wood pours to allow the new stain to penetrate evenly.
  • We PH balance the wood, as many deck cleaners and stain strippers alter the ph balance of the wood, so the wood needs to be restored to the proper ph level before applying stain. This process will also remove any discoloration in the wood, tannin bleed and rust stains from nails renewing the woods appearance to a new state. This is an important step in deck restoration in Athens, NY that many contractors are not aware of. Skipping this step can cause the deck stain to look blotchy and not even, also premature deck stain failure. 
  • Kellogg's Painting willmoisture test the wood areas to be stained prior to applying stain ensuring the woods moisture content is with in the stain manufacture specs. 
  • Stain is applied to the deck per manufacture specs.

When you need a professional deck staining contractor in Athens, New York to stain or seal your deck call Kellogg's Painting 518.965.0720 an learn what sets our Athens, NY deck staining services apart from the competition. 

 The trained technicians at Kellogg's Painting Company will exceed your expectations with their superior work, extensive prep and outstanding customer service. You will have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive the workmanship, attention to detail, quality materials & customer service that you deserve. As a professional deck staining contractor…We Stake Our Reputation On It. 

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