Kellogg’s Painting uses a soft washing system when washing your Catskills and Hudson Valley NY home or business. Soft washing is also referred to as low pressure house washing. Low pressure washing is a safe way to effectively clean the exterior of your home or business. A professional pressure washing company knows that it is not high pressure that effectively cleans, but it is the proper detergents, methods and low pressure. With soft washing detergents are applied using low pressure and then rinsed away, along with contaminants, mold, mildew, grime, dust, dirt and road film using clean water and low pressure.

Pressure washing your Hudson Valley and Catskills NY home’s siding using high pressure is not effective and does little to clean the surface properly. It only removes the surface dirt leaving behind deeply embedded pollutants, contaminants, mold/mildew spores and stains. High pressure washing can also damage the siding and create water intrusion. Soft washing using low pressure and the proper detergents eliminates property damage and the use of ladders, which can be dangerous using a pressure washer. A professional cleaning contractor uses low pressure, but has high gallon per minute pressure washers. The gallon per minute or flow has nothing to do with pressure. It just means that a higher volume of water will be put out per minute, allowing the cleaning contractor to work more efficiently and reach heights from the ground without using ladders. To compensate for the high gallons per minute of water a professional cleaning company will have their equipment set up on a trailer, in a van or in the bed of a pickup truck along with a buffer tank filled with water.

A professional cleaning contractor uses professional eco-friendly detergents that contain mildicides, surfactants and rinsing agents. Vinyl siding manufactures recommend low pressure to be used. Kellogg’s Painting takes your house washing a step further by applying a wet wax to your homes siding after the final rinse. The wax helps to protect your home from contaminants for a longer period of time.